FIFA to appoint Limonta Sport as FIFA Preferred Producer

Cologno al Serio, November 1st, 2009

FIFA to appoint Limonta Sport as FIFA Preferred Producer

FIFA has on the 27th of October officially released it’s FIFA Preferred Producer initiative, a concept thatfurther assures high quality synthetic turf for football, nowadays known as Football Turf.

Football Turf is today in the eyes of FIFA a credible alternative to natural grass. Ongoing research and

development shows that Football Turf does not change the nature of the football game against the

benchmark, being highest quality of natural grass.

Since the introduction of the Quality Concept for Football Turf (2001), the alternative has proved itself in

many of the FIFA Recommended installations as well as many others (often meeting with standards set by

national associations).

The FIFA Preferred Producer Concept is an initiative to assure installation of

quality pitches.

Out of more than 150 artificial turf producers and 25 FIFA Quality Concept licensees

Limonta Sport is now in an exclusive group of 6 producers of FIFA that has to adhere to

a number of stringent criteria.

Football Turf is the future

Limonta Sport has chosen to apply being a FIFA Preferred Producer as she believes

that the market will more and more recognize the quality that Football Turf is able to

offer today and further develop in future.

“The coming generation of football players, from 8 till 20 years old today, do prefer

Football Turf. My children, playing mostly on Football Turf, report me every match

Saturday on the various fields they and their friends played and the superior feedback

on Football Turf is out of the question”, according to Fred van

Wijk, Managing Director of Limonta Sport.

Limonta Sport confirming innovative performance during FSB

FSB, the professional trade show on leisure, sports and pools, was held from 28th – 30th of October in

Cologne, Germany.

The introduction of the FIFA Preferred Producer (FPP) scheme was a major issue.

Many interested buyers around the globe came to meet with Limonta Sport to understand more about the

new FPP concept and the innovative products and systems, amongst them InfillPro Geo and Football Green


InfillPro Geo

Football Turf of today applies in most occasions recycled and shredded SBR rubber as infill material.

This infill material has shown a good performance over the past years, however addressed on a number of

handicaps such as environmental-friendliness, heat absorption and stability of footing.

InfillPro Geo overcomes these handicaps and is perceived as a next step.

The Limonta Sport patent pending infill system is applied in many countries such as United States, France,

Holland, Spain, Morocco and China.

In Italy where it has been developed with advanced universities and authorities in both natural and synthetic

sport flooring InfillPro Geo is seen as the reference in the market.

Football Green Live

On the back of InfillPro Geo Limonta Sport has developed the unique natural grass system Football Green

Live system; a hybrid system with InfillPro Geo filled Football Turf as it’s base: truly a must-see, recently

installed in Stadio Olimpico di Serravalle.

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