Пресконференция LIMONTA SPORT

On October 23-24, 2008 in Italy the LIMONTA SPORT Seminar took place.

There were representatives from all over the world, includinng Australia and North and South America.This fact speaksvolume about the quality and the high technology used in the production of the sports surfacces produced by LIMONTA SPORT.

There were presedent figures about the sales of the products all over the world as well a couple of two new products. One of the football surfaces Soccer Max S has been presented to have a better solidity and durability on the football field. This has been managed by using S - type cross section of the grass stem as well as by using the Hi - Tech methods applied in the modern production process of LIMONTA SPORT. This surfase has successfully won a two star categorization FIFA. This product is a trade mark of LIMONTA SPORT.

The second new product Soccer PRO Max S different concerning the filling which is 80% natural materials. This surface is approximating the most to the natural one while some of the indicators show even advantages. The natural material compiling the filling ensures a lower temperature during the hot days on the football field, as well as smaller possibilities for injuries of the players. This has been proved by conducting of detailed examinations performed by Italian scientists. The product has been presented to the market only recently, for example, only in Norway there been built 14 playgrounds. It is suitable for professional football playgrounds. If the surace is laid correctily, the football playgrounds win a two stars categorization FIFA. The surface is a trademark of LIMONTA SPORT.

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