"Naftex" Stadium, Burgas


In 1996 Ontario Sport built the grass terrain of PFC "Naftex", Burgas. The company has also actively participated in the building of stadium itself. Ontario Sport is theonly firm that has achieved a grass root from 35 to 40 cm. This is a result of long scientifically technical research and ezperments. In the pictures you may see our president talking with Hristo Portochanov - president of PFC "Naftex", Ivan Slavkov - chairman of the Bulgarian FootballUnion, ets.

The stadium in Burgas is the only Bulgarian stadium awarded a FIFA 2-star certificate.

Стадион "Нафтекс", Бургас 9
Стадион "Нафтекс", Бургас 11
Стадион "Нафтекс", Бургас 13