Снимка Ривиера

In the "Riviera - Zlatni Pyasatzi" resortcomplex there have been build the most modern tennis courts in Eastern Europe.

The three courts are with special surfaces developed through an ultra modern technolody. The surfase is similar to this in "Roland Garros" which is licensed by the International Tennis Federation /ITF/ and prossessesall advantages of the clay court while in the mean time its biggest drawbacks have been overcome.

The courtsdonot freeze even in the coldest winter days so they can be used for playing tennis in the open through the whole year. If they are covered there is no umpleasant "hothouse effect" with is usually the result of covering the orginary clay courts. The surfsce does not stain the tainers and the sport equipment of the tennis players; if it is windy, the clay would not scatter. This offers the opportunity the courts tobe maintained in perfekt condition with the slightest efforts.

It is not necessary to water the courts event in the hottest summer days. It has a special draining system and even in heavy rain 30 minutes later the court is absolutely ready for play. After the play is over the court only has to be brushed and the lines to be cleared. As the surface is ideally even, the rebounding of the balls is perfect as it is in lab conditions and gives an exceptional comfort both for the professional players and for the amateurs.