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Ontario Sport is the result and continuation of the multiple science staff which has worked from 1971 till 1990. The team has worked in the field of the sports items for different types of sports. The team is the author of all types of synthetic surfaces designed for athletics tracks, sports playgrounds and halls.

In 1990 this taem grew to from the company Ontario Sport. Today the company prossesses a huge scientific potential - own and part - time professors, senior research associates, associate professors, engineer chemists, designers, technologists, football and sport people and experts who work in the area of sports construction and building of first class terrains and golf playgrounds.

At this stage Ontario Sport is the only Bulgarian company that can independently design and build football tarrains of world class.

The leader of the numerous research team working from 1971 till 1990 and current president of Ontario Sport is eng.Hristo Todorov.

During the period from 1985 till 1996 the president of the company has taken participation in the building of 7 football grass terrains and 3 golf playgrounds in Canada, in the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara and Oshawa.

The ambition of the company`s president is to make the Bulgarian terrains greener than the Europeans because the wonderful grass terrains and the beautiful  stadiums educate the athletes and the crowd and it gives the obligation to maintain a spirit of honesty and high professionalism.

Ontario Sport is the author of the developed theory for Mineral - humus - acid dependency of the soil content, forming the most appropriate conditions for the new grass types designed for first class grass terrains.

The company has developed also a method for draining the surface water from the grass terrains through diffusion drills.

The theory for using the multiple - component selected grass mixtures, specially designed for first class grass football terrains, is also an Ontario Sport project.

The company is the author of the Method for recycling of football grass terrains through sowing with multiple - component selected grass seeds and their rooting in existing non - cultivated grass.

The company also delivers tractors, machines, mowers  and accessories, grass seeds, artificial fertilizers, artificial grass surfaces, bio stimulators, insecticides, fungicides and chemicals, in other words - everything necessary for maintaining the football grass terrains, tennis courts and golf playgrounds at a world high quality.

Visit the site Grass Terrains in order to get acquainted with the projects we have worked upon till now.