Stadium "Beroe"


We in Ontario Sport BG have the honor to announce that "Beroe" stadium and athletics track are already fully prepared for the upcoming weekend in Stara Zagora 66th Athletics Championship. Tournament is the first major event in the sport, which the city will host 28 years.


Some Bulgarian athletes have already tested the quality of the facility, held their first workout on it and expressed their positive opinion about the quality of the flooring and modern facility. In Stara Zagora few days and international teams of specialists native Hristo Markov and Ilian Pishtikov. They will participate in competitions outside the official program.


Track at the stadium "Beroe" was completely renovated under the direction of "Ontario sport BG" in recent months. Sum of 1.2 million lev was provided by the Ministry of Sports and the budget of the Municipality of Stara Zagora. "Specially selected surface such that spares competitors, "commented host the event from a sports club in Athletics" Beroe ". The surface was installed by" Ontario sport BG "


Guest of the event will be Vice President of the European Athletics Karel Pilni. He came at the invitation of the Association of Balkan Athletic Federations president who is the president of our federation Dobromir Karamarinov.


Participation in the competition will be representatives of all 12 member states of the Association of Athletic Federations Balkan countries - Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. Each delegation will be led by the President of the Athletics Federation.


On Saturday at 11:30 am there will be a meeting of the Balkan Association. On it will discuss issues related to the selection of the rally team in the Balkans "The ranking of the Giants" on August 31 in Lyon, and the draft calendar of the Association for 2014 and on


The entrance to the Balkan will be free. Bulgaria will be represented by their best athletes currently headed by Ivet Lalova Vanya Stambolova Dennis Dimitrov, Georgi Ivanov, Dimitar Tzenov Sylvia Danekova, Mirela Demireva. Out of the tournament champion of Bulgaria in 100m and long jump etc. Christina Damyanova. It has a contusion and a few days did not train fully. Instead, in the long jump Bulgaria will be represented by Milena Mitkova and 100m Ref. - Helena Mitev.


The discovery of the Balkan will be on the 27th of July at 15:30 and the organizers kept details of the ceremony a secret. The races will be broadcast directly BNT1 as on television will show the tournament with 11 cameras.