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Ontario-Sport is a leading business Company  focused on professional design, construction, renovation, maintenance and equipping of sports facilities, pitches and playgrounds, installing sport surfaces, both in Bulgaria and around the world. The company olso provides installation of flooring with special function to hospitals, offices, business and public buildings, schools, kindergartens, industrial floors, airports, warehouses.

Thanks to over 40 years of experience, Ontario sport can offer to our clients professional solutions for any idea for sport and leasure, as well as the public purpose. Ontario sport offers certified products and flooring: natural and artificial grass for football fields, tenis, basketball, multifunctional playgrounds, clay, a wide range of artificial flooring of different kind, class and function to be used both outdoor and indoor, equipment, irrigation systems and drainage, roofing, landscaping of gardens, landscapes, information screens, stands, seats, furniture for locker rooms, as well as accessories for all kind of sports from world leading companies.


The main activity of Ontario Sport is the design and building of football terrains - with natural and artificial surface. The grass terrains with natural grass surface have optimal parameters necessary for playing ball. It is not surprising thatthe most prestigious sport events are held on natural grass surfaces. Today, an alternative of the natural grass exists - these are artificial grass surfaces. There are diferent of types of artificial...



Ontario Sport builds tennis courts.



The company designs builds sports grounds and other equipments.


ISO Certificates